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Ola CEO rides new electric scooter ahead of launch, shares first glimpse&nbsp

New Delhi: Ola Electric has revealed its first scooter that will be launched soon in the country. On Friday, Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal posted a video of him astride an Ola electric scooter for a Sunday coffee run in Bengaluru.

Aggarwal, in the tweet sharing the teaser video, stated, “Took this beauty for a spin! Goes 0-60 faster than you can read this tweet!”

In the teaser, the company also revealed a few key details about the upcoming scooter.

The upcoming Ola electric scooter is likely to be offered with a range of about 150 km on a single charge. It is also expected to have a top speed of nearly 90 kmph. The electric scooter will include a home charger that will require no installation and will allow customers to charge their vehicle at home by plugging into a regular wall socket for charging.

Ola Electric is gearing up for the launch of its first electric scooter in India soon and is expected to announce the price of its first offering later this month. The first electric scooter from the company is expected to be priced around one lakh and will take on rivals like Ather Energy’s 450X.

The video comes nearly a week after Aggarwal said the first phase of Ola’s Futurefactory, where the electric scooter is being manufactured, is nearing completion.

“In just four months, this place has transformed from acres of empty rock land to the world’s largest 2W factory. The Ola Futurefactory Phase 1 is nearing completion! The scooters are coming soon! Great work by team @OlaElectric,” Aggarwal tweeted, sharing a photo of him at the factory site near Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu.

Besides providing its customers with home charging solutions, Ola Electric is not leaving any stone unturned to set up a massive EV charging network to help people access EV charging points anywhere in India. The company has already started installing its ‘Hypercharger Network’ across the country which will include one lakh charging points across 400 cities. In the first year, Ola is setting up over 5,000 charging points across 100 cities in India.

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