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Hyderabad-based EV start-up Gravton has launched its first product, an electric bike it has designed from the ground up with indigenously designed and developed components.

Founder and CEO Parshuram Paka said Quanta, the bike, features a 3KW proprietary BLDC motor that has been engineered for reduced mechanical losses and increased efficiency. The vehicle comes with 17-inch wheels and achieve a speed of upto 70 kmph.

On the battery, he said the travel range on a single charge, depending on the driving conditions, range from 85-150 km. The company showcased the bike at Telangana government’s ‘Go Electric’ campaign in the city on Sunday and with it started bookings, has fixed a promotional price of ₹99,000.

By October, Gravton plans to begin deliveries and have four showrooms in Hyderabad. Initially, the company plans to focus on Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka markets. Mr.Paka said while the battery can be charged easily, the company also plans to create a network of battery swap facilities in association with Hyderabad Metro Rail.

The company has a plant, with a capacity to manufacture 2,000 vehicles, in IDA Nacharam, he said, adding an investment of around $1 million has been made thus far on the project. Gravton is also in discussions with the State government to set up a second plant, he added.

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