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More power, more travel and a wider range – this is what defines the Voima (Finnish for “power”) e-bike. Built entirely in-house, this bike comes with a unique 7075-T6 aluminum frame, 190mm/7.4” of travel front and rear and a completely new suspension platform.

The Pole team carefully looked at what are the most common issues with mountain e-bikes and came up with the best solutions, then tested the new bike extensively, to make sure it does what it says.

These guys meant business – they didn’t just slap on an e-bike motor and battery on a previous bike model, but designed everything from scratch, specifically as an e-bike.

They chose to create Voima as the only 7075-T6 aluminum-framed e-bike in the world that’s completely CNC machined, partly because this allows enclosing the motor inside the frame, without worrying that it might overheat. And they went for a fully covered motor after extensive tests, as the best way to protect it from the elements.

The Brose S Mag motor was selected for its natural power delivery, with 90 Nm of torque, and the big, 725 Wh battery not only increases the range, but it can be changed in no time, for those who want to keep going at maximum speed. Also, placing it on the top of the downtube made it easily accessible and secured from water ingress – because this is a common issue with electric mountain bikes.

Another typical problem was chain breakage, so Voima comes with a smaller chainring that complements the exclusive Pole suspension platform and design. Named Sensei, this system is the result of a lot of research and it allows better power delivery, ground clearance and more balance when it comes to jumps and cornering.

For now, Pole’s e-bike will be available only as a frameset, with production beginning this fall. As for the Voima complete builds, they will arrive on the market later this year and in early 2022, for €8,490 ($10,130).

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