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Hyderabad-based EV start-up Gravton Motors has launched Qunata e-scooter at an introductory price of Rs 99,000. The Quanta is claimed to be a performance-oriented sturdy electric two-wheeler has a unique design (resembles a moped) a rib caged trellis chasiss, which has a claimed maximum load capacity of 300kg,

The company was founded by Parshuram Parkha (CEO) in 2016, and is said to have been working on a product that was completely built in-house and not a rebadged ‘Chinese’ product. Parkha says the company has invested $1 million (Rs 7 crore) in the company. At present, the company has a manufacturing capacity of 2,000 units per month at its current facility. The start-up is engaging with the Telangana government to explore a new facility in the state.

“Quanta resonates the true essence of not just Made in India but also Made for India. While this product is largely meant for riders from across the segments, we also have one coming up in the sports category, primarily meant for action-oriented passionate young bikers We have architected and engineered every component in-house and appointed vendors who can create components as per our configuration. We are also delighted to see some of the top component manufacturers agreeing to manufacture components as per our design and specifications and this truly shows the credibility and believability of our products,” said Parkha.

In terms of vehicle specifications, the Quanta e-scooter comes with a proprietary 3kw motor (peak 3.6Kw), can attain top speed of 70kph and 17-inch wheels. The company says the battery can be charged at home in under 3 hours and can be fast-charged with an optional proprietary charger in 90 minutes. Interestingly, the company says the Quanta e-scooter’s range can be increased to 300km with optional add-on batteries (3 additional). The deliveries of the Quanta e-scooter will begin by October.

Gravton’s Quanta draws power from a 3 kWh Li-ion detachable battery, which has a claimed maximum range of 150km per charge, extendable up to 320km (with additional batteries). The e-scooter comes with a smartphone app that offers features such as roadside assistance, mapping service stations, remote lock/ unlock and turning on or off the lights from a remote distance. Users can also check the whereabouts and overall health of the vehicle through the app.

The company also plans to launch an electric motorcycle soon which will be equivalent to a 125-150cc IC-motorcycle. Gravton Motors targets to achieve cumulative sales of 5,000 units in the first year, and 18,000 units next year. The start-up also plans to launch battery swapping stations in Hyderabad after achieving sales of 2,500 units by Q1 CY2022. In terms of expansions, the start-up aims to expand its presence in nearby states, with a focus on Tier 2 markets. 

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