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GB News host Alastair Stewart was shocked to learn of the rapid speeds that E-scooters can reach. Lawyer Nick Freeman spoke on GB News and called for more regulation to protect Britons. He argued the Government should consider a registry system for the electronic scooters, mandatory safety wear and ensure they are not on the roads. 

Mr Stewart admitted he was surprised and said “could you imagine” when considering the speeds the E-scooters could reach, which Mr Freeman claimed could be 68mph.

However, the GB News host questioned how much influence the Government should have on regulating the mode of transportation. 

Mr Stewart said: “Nick I put it to you, as you are a lawyer, therefore freedom of choice but within the law is crucial to how you girls and gals operate.

“At what point do you say here is a new bit of kit, like when off-road bikes came in, here is a new one it just happens to have an electric motor, where does the state come in and say you must have insurance, licence and must do a test?

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“How do you draw that line intelligently without being over-prescriptive?”

Mr Freeman replied: “You have hit the nail on the head.

“An off-road bike, that is off the road, it probably won’t come into contact with the road.

“If it is on the road it has to be legislated for.”

Mr Freeman also highlighted what he believed was a problem regarding the laws and E-scooters.

“People use these E-scooters on the road under Government schemes and think I can drive, well I have had too much to drink, It doesn’t matter.

“The law is in place but it is redundant because we don’t know who is using them.

“We see a vast array of offences, going through red lights, riding on the pavement.

“Of course they are very fast, they are quiet, nobody knows who they are, all you see is an E-scooter committing an offence but have no idea who is driving it so they are not accountable.

“That is why I am suggesting there is a registration, I think that will change the environment when people are responsible.”

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