E-scooter rider risks losing driving license after crashing while twice the alcohol limit Leave a comment

An e-scooter rider was caught by police being twice the alcohol limit after a crash in Bristol

They now face losing their licence after being caught under the influence following the collision.

The crash happened on Wednesday (June 23).

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Police issued a warning on social media in a tweet which said: “A reminder that you can be arrested for drink driving while using an electric scooter.

“This rider was involved in a road traffic collision on Weds evening in Bristol, blew 75 (legal limit 35) at the roadside and risks losing his licence for a year.”

What are the e-scooter rules and what are the penalties?

E-scooters are classified as personal light electric vehicles (PLEVs).

That means if they are used on a road, pavement or public place they are subject to the same legal requirements as any motor vehicle which carry the same penalties for breaches of the law.

Rental e-scooters were made legal on British roads from July 4 last year.

The two-wheeled scooters with small, electric motors have grown massively in popularity across many international cities.

People can now hire e-scooters, often using smartphone apps, in a way similar to city centre bicycle hire schemes.

Those looking to use a scooter during these trials must have the category Q entitlement on their driving licence.

You cannot currently ride an e-scooter on a UK public road, cycle lane or pavement and those who do so are committing an offence.

Riders who breach these rules face the prospect of a £300 fixed penalty notice, six points on their driving licence or the scooter could be impounded.

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