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A man has been arrested for ‘multiple offences’ after he tried to evade the authorities on an electric scooter.

In the evening of Friday, June 25, the man, who was driving a Volkswagen Polo, abandoned his car to try and avoid PCSOs on an electric scooter, only to be apprehended by police officers who were called out to the scene.

The location of the incident and the nature of the crimes that were allegedly committed have not been disclosed, but it did happen within the Thames Valley region.

What was posted on Twitter

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In a tweet that was published on Friday, June 25, Thames Valley Police Roads Policing said: “The driver of this car tried to avoid the local PCSO’s after been seen driving by making his great escape on an electric scooter.

“But he didn’t expect to see the police officers turning up and stopping him.

“He was arrested for multiple offences.”

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