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This year’s Prime Day Deals are rolling in thick and fast, including the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for some of the world’s best electric scooters. These includes the excellent Segway Ninebot E45, which is now a hair under $600 for the first time ever, and the long-range Hover-1 Blackhawk for under $430.

Yes, you can find cheaper scooters than these on Amazon, but these are all from reputable brands that you can trust, with solid build quality and dependable after-sales service. Safety is paramount, and you want to be sure that a machine with a top speed of 18mph will be tough enough.

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Segway Ninebot E45: $769.99 $599.99 at Amazon
Save $170 Segway knows a thing or two about getting around on two wheels, and the E45 electric kick-scooter comes highly recommended. We’ve never seen it anywhere near this cheap before – it’s dropped to $750 in recent months, but no lower.
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Hover-1 Blackhawk: $599.99 $421.19 at Amazon
Save $178.80 Hover-1 specializes in fun e-scooters and hoverboards, and it’s cut a huge chunk off the long-range Blackhawk for Prime Day. It has an impressive maximum range of 26 miles, and can hit up to 18.6mph.
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Hover-1 Aviator: $249.99 $204.99 at Amazon
Save $45 Yes, this really is a proper adult e-scooter, despite the color scheme. It has built-in suspension, a 400W motor, and a top speed of 17.9mph. Its range is somewhat short at seven miles, but you’re still getting a whole lot of fun for $204.
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Segway Ninebot S-Plus: $849.99 $559 at Amazon
Save $290.99 The S-Plus is pretty much an old-school Segway without the handle; it balances itself, and you control it with your knees. Segway itself sometimes has some nice deals on the S-Plus, but we’ve yet to see one this good.

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