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With the petrol prices reaching sky-high in India, many of you might have started considering the value of buying an electric vehicle. While the four-wheeler segment is yet to take off, the two-wheeler market has a wide array of options for buyers. An electric scooter or bike gives you the liberty to use the vehicle without hunting for a gas station. And that is a big money saver these days. You can consider brands like Ather, Bajaj, TVS and Hero, which are catering to the demands of all riders in the EV market. So, here are the best electric bikes and scooters you can buy in India.

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Best Electric bikes and scooters in India

1. Ather 450/450X

Ather from India introduced the 450 electric scooters that epitomised how the segment is likely to develop in the country. The company has since then come out with the upgraded Ather 450X model for buyers. This scooter features a 2.7kWh battery that promises a riding range of up to 116 km, depending on external conditions. The built-in battery takes around 5 hours to fully charge which is pretty decent for an EV bike or scooter these days. And your riding range is also dependent on how fast you are moving. The top speed notched by this best electric scooter is 80 kmph. Ather 450 and 450X score heavily because of their looks. The futuristic design adopted by the company has appealed to many buyers, who are willing to overlook the total cost of owning the scooter.

Ather 450 starts Rs 1.27 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). In addition to this, you have to pay Rs 2,000 or more that takes care of maintenance, spare part and repair cost.

2. Revolt RV400

The Revolt RV400 looks like a regular sports commuter motorcycle but turn the ignition on and you notice it doesn’t make any noise. That’s because it is an electric bike. Revolt RV400 packs a 4kW electric motor, offering 170Nm torque, with a claimed top speed of 85km/hr and a riding range of up to 150km per charge. The bike gets a 3.24kW removable battery, which is charged inside homes in under 5 hours. For safety, it has disc brakes on both sides.

Getting a Revolt RV 400 will look cheaper because you pay a fixed amount of over 3000 per month to the company. The total cost comes to well over Rs 1,40,000 in the market.

3. Bajaj Chetak

Electric Bikes and scooters

Bajaj has given the Chetak brand a second life in its new electric avatar. This electric scooter comes in two variants; Urbane and Premium that cost Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 1,15,000 respectively. As you can see in the image, the scooter gets a retro design but features a digital instrument cluster along with LED lights. It has a 4kW electric motor which puts out about 16 Nm of torque. The scooter can go about 95km on a single charge and it has a 3kWh lithium-ion IP-67 rated battery that takes five hours to charge from a regular power socket. Chetak gives you a top speed of 78 kmph which should easily fit into the traffic regulations in the country.

4. TVS iQube Electric

TVS is a well-known brand in the two-wheeler market. So, when it decided to enter the electric space, everyone took notice. The company launched the iQube scooter. iQube Electric gets a 4.4 kW electric motor, capable of producing max torque of 140Nm. Riders can switch between the Economy and Power mode, which has an impact on the riding range that’s available on the scooter. The range of this best electric scooter is rated to be 75km on a single charge. Additionally, the TVS iQube Electric gets a 12-inch tubeless wheels, sporting 220mm disc brakes on the front and 130mm drum brakes at the back.

The iQube Electric is priced at Rs 1,15,000.

5. Okinawa iPraise

Okinawa i-Praise scooter gets a 2.5Kw electric motor that pushes 3.5 bhp of power and 40 Nm of torque. It has three ride modes – eco, sport and turbo – with a top speed of 75 Kmph. The scooter can ride the distance with up to 160 Km range on a single charge. The removable 72-volt dual battery pack takes around 3 hours to fully charge. Okinawa i-Praise costs you around Rs 1,20,000. The conventional looks of the best electric scooter in India can easily dupe you but the overall riding dynamics of the iPraise makes it a viable choice for buyers.

6. Hero Photon HX

Hero Electric has got Photon HX scooter that pretty much fits into this category because of its usage, range and price. This electric scooter costs you less than Rs 75,000 but that invariably means you get less power without compromising on the overall range. The built-in battery gives you a range of 85km on a single charge but with a top speed of 45kmph. The unit takes over 5 hours to fully charge. The plastic body wrapped around the 1.4kWh motor carries the Photon badge on the corner. The scooter gets a circular headlamp.

7. Pure EV Epluto 7G

And finally, we’d recommend the Pure EV Epluto 7G electric scooter. You can get it for Rs 83,999 (ex-showroom Delhi) in the country. The scooter packs a 2.5kWh battery that promises a ride range of up to 120Km, with a top speed of 60kmph. It has an LED headlamp, digital instrument cluster, and controls to change riding modes. The scooter gets drum brakes at the back and a disc unit on the front. The best thing about the Epluto 7G is that you can have it fully charged and ready to go in 4 hours. The battery unit is removable so you can it along and charge it at home.

Ather 450 Rs 1,13,715 2.7kWh 55-75 km 5 hours 80 kmph
Revolt RV400 Rs 1,29,400 3.2kWh 80-150 km 4.5 hours 80 kmph
Bajaj Chetak Rs 1,15,000 3kWh 85-95 km 5 hours 75 kmph
TVS iQube Rs 1,23,000 4.5kWh 75 km 5 hours 80 kmph
Okinawa iPraise Rs 1,14,000 3.3kWh 160-180 km 3 hours 70 kmph
Hero Photon HX Rs 71,999 1.8kWh 80 km 5 hours 45 kmph
Pure EV Epluto 7G Rs 83,999 2.5kWh 90-120 km 4 hours 60 kmph

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