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Bengaluru: Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal wants suggestions on paint schemes. Not for Ola cabs because, let’s face it, they are more often than not white and for some reason always a WagonR.

He wants you to choose the colours for the Ola Electric scooter, whose launch—going by his tweets—is around the corner.

This came a day after Aggarwal hailed the initiatives of state governments—Gujarat and Karnataka, in particular—for bringing about an electric-vehicle revolution in India.

“The EV revolution is coming! From Karnataka in 2017 to Gujarat this week, 21 states and UTs are now incentivising EVs to make them affordable. We’re committed to accelerating this and our scooter that’s coming soon,” Aggarwal said on Twitter.

The Gujarat government, earlier this week,
announced its new EV policy with the highest subsidy in the country. It is only the second state after Delhi to extend such buyer-side EV incentives. The objective is to see at least two lakh EVs on Gujarat roads by 2025.

recently amended its Karnataka Electric Vehicle & Storage Policy, 2017, after other states caught up with it on offering better sops It has decided to provide a 15% capital subsidy to investors in the EV sector along with a production-linked incentive of 1% of turnover for a period of five years from the first year of commercial operations.

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These developments should come as a boost for Ola Electric, which is building a 500-acre EV plant near Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu with an annual capacity of 10 million. Phase 1 of the project is expected to be ready by the summer of 2021, according to the company. It hopes to export its two-wheelers to Europe and Australia.

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