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SUZUKI is continuing the new model drive after news emerged that the firm is working on a new electric scooter. The patents show a lightweight yet sporty looking scooter, featuring an interesting drive system and swingarm design.

The bike comes hot on the heels of the new GSX-S1000, and GSX-S950 A2 naked motorcycle, although this new scooter is probably the biggest departure from the norm for the Japanese manufacturer.

SUZUKI GSX-S1000 2021 Review

The bike in question outwardly looks like pretty much any other scooter on the road, although the design of this particular machine is a little different. For the most part, bikes in this category usually utilise the tried and tested method of mounting the engine and swingarm as a single item or mounting the electric motor within the rear wheel. Both these methods can boost the space within the bike’s chassis, allowing it to either carry a greater amount of luggage under the seat or larger capacity batteries if it is electric.

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