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Richmond is considering a pilot project that would allow electric kick scooters to travel within the city.

City staff are recommending councillors endorse an application to the province’s e-scooter pilot program, which will partner with communities around the province. The staff recommendation will come before council members at this week’s public works and transportation committee meeting.

Proposed traffic bylaw amendments would allow e-scooters on roads with bike lanes; local roads (those without lane lines or directional dividing lines with speed limits of 50km/h or less); roads with a speed limit of 30km/h; and shared off-street pathways.

City staff are recommending the maximum speed limit for e-scooters on roads be 20km/h, which is the average speed of a typical cyclist. On off-street pathways that may be shared with pedestrians—such as the Railway Greenway—the maximum speed limit would be 15km/h.

Additionally, to address concerns the city has received about the speed of both pedal bikes and e-bikes on shared pathways, the speed limit would be lowered to 15km/h for these cyclists to match the proposed speed limit for e-scooter users.

Part of the proposed traffic bylaw amendment would “explicitly prohibit bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters from riding on the sidewalk unless otherwise signed.”

Staff note that participation in the program would support the city’s mobility targets, as well as greenhouse gas emission and carbon reduction goals.

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