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A bicycle, or bicycle, is a human-operated land vehicle that falls under the category of bicycles and consists of two in-line wheels. This is the literary definition of a bicycle … So it is not originally a potential work of art!

But the Taiwanese designer Gary Liao sees bicycles as a means of getting from one point to another. But they also envision them as works of art that sprung from his imagination, quite overflowing, you have to admit!

But Liao is also fascinated by the intricacies of the human body and especially the skeleton. So he designed an electric bike called the Skeleton. This unlikely but honestly good looking bike is designed for our urban rides.

An original design idea

The designer wanted an upright seating position like the Dutch bikes, which are intended for short journeys. The skeleton bike is also designed for easy maneuvering in small spaces. In fact, it mimics the bone structure of a human body. The pillar is a hollow, light bone, but as strong as a concrete or steel post.

On the motor side, the bike can switch between different support modes thanks to the central motor that delivers the power to the rear wheel. The battery is a small floppy disk that fits into the frame of the bike. You just have to take it with you to charge it. The bike has a belt drive, which is lighter than the usual chain drive.

Fast and networked!

The Skeleton sits on 20-inch carbon fiber wheels for optimal acceleration and easy-to-handle turns. And of course it connects to all of your mobile devices via Bluetooth. How to get all the information on your smartphone:

Battery status Remaining time to charge. Important telemetry data

And it can even carry your briefcase!

Thanks to the unusual frame design, it is possible to place a backrest, briefcase or other flat objects without changing the center of gravity or the pedaling movement. And for coffee lovers, Liao even thought of integrating a place to put his cup or bottle of drinks of any kind.

With cup holder. Photo credit: Gary Liao

At the moment, as a prototype, it has a real original and pleasant look … It changes the classic electric bikes that we all seem designed in the same form! And let’s face it, that flawless white disguise will make you want them! Maybe the makers should check out the Skeleton, we’re sure it could be a big hit!

A very atypical design. Photo credit: Gary Liao

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