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Proviz have launched their first e-bike specific jacket, describing it as being, “the ultimate accessory to the discerning electric bike rider.”

The obvious opening question here is something along the lines of: “How on earth does an e-bike jacket differ from a normal cycling jacket?”

The answer is that there isn’t actually an enormous difference. It’s more a question of tailoring the jacket to how it will most likely be used.

Clearly the Proviz Platinum E-Bike Jacket isn’t an aero-fit ‘sport’ garment. Proviz say it’s intended for those who are, “commuting, doing the weekly shop, or just nipping to the park to meet a friend,” before going on to present it as being, “a natural choice for both on and off the bike.”

Mens e-bike jacket front yellow.jpg

Mens e-bike jacket front yellow.jpg, by Proviz

Billed as being ‘versatile yet technical’, the jacket features reflective panels, synthetic down insulation and thermal stretch fabric with brushed waffle knit on the inner side of the arms and middle back.

The outer layer is water resistant and it’s deliberately a generous fit so it can be worn over everyday clothing.

It comes in three colours: reflective, ‘classic’ (fluorescent yellow) and black.

The co-founder of Proviz, Anthony Langly-Smith, commented: “We appreciate that the market is shifting to one where e-bikes are now a staple of the cycling community, and feel it’s necessary to provide a high quality, premium product to match the needs of that market.

“Our design teams have worked hard to ensure that the Platinum E-Bike Jacket is both stylish, versatile and functional to suit the day-to-day lives of e-bike users – both on and off the bike.”

The Platinum E-Bike Jacket is available for £179.99. For more information visit the Proviz website.

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