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A 31-year-old Italian woman who was hit by an electric scooter driven by two young women in Paris last Monday has died. Police have opened an investigation into wilful homicide and appealed for witnesses to come forward. 

French police announced at the weekend that the woman, identified as Miriam, died of her injuries on Wednesday.

The two young women who were on the scooter did not stop after the collision and are being sought by the police.

The Paris public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for “wilful homicide” by a driver – an aggravated hit-and-run – which took place on Monday at around 1am.

Miriam, a waitress at an Italian restaurant in the French capital, was struck violently by the scooter while walking with a friend along the Ile de la Cité, in central Paris.

She was thrown to the ground and her head hit the pavement, while the two drivers continued without stopping.

Witnesses, including divers from the Seine river fire brigade who were on patrol tried to revive the victim, without success.

Investigators have launched an appeal for witnesses to find the two young women who caused the accident.

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