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Berlin designer’s e-bike concept makes use of the ‘product design language’ of Dyson

Following on from the Tesla e-bike that wasn’t actually a Tesla or an e-bike, we bring you the Dyson e-bike that isn’t actually a Dyson (although it is an e-bike – or at least it would be if it weren’t just a concept).

A personal project of Philipp Seißler, an industrial designer from Berlin, the Dyson Urban Bike is an attempt to apply that firm’s design philosophy to e-bikes.

So what does that involve? According to Seißler, Dyson’s ‘product design language’ is characterised thus: “An additive layout suggests technical components, which are assembled like a prototype. Metal pipes, reminiscent of simple welded contraptions, with contrasting vibrant colours, expressing performance and putting emphasis on mechanical parts.”

What all of that translates into is, “aluminium tubes, which are purposely not morphed into each other to retain an additive look” and a “miniframe” that is shorter and lighter than a full sized one.

Dyson rear hub.jpg

Dyson rear hub.jpg, by Philipp Seißler

Battery and motor are concealed within a rear hub assembly with the blue ring supposedly symbolising the internal engineering complexity in some way that we don’t entirely comprehend.

Dyson bars.png

Dyson bars.png, by Philipp Seißler

The handlebars, which sport matte semi-transparent grips, are a constant diameter to retain the tubular design look with a minimalist display located on the stem.

The charger is integrated into the front light and there’d also be a wall mounted bike rack with integrated charger.

Dyson on wall.png

Dyson on wall.png, by Philipp Seißler

Dyson did actually work towards moving into the electrical vehicle market for several years, but scrapped a project to build electric cars in 2019.

Sir James Dyson said the vehicle the firm had developed was not “commercially viable” but that work developing battery technology would continue.

“Our battery will benefit Dyson in a profound way and take us in exciting new directions,” he claimed.

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