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Enertech International is moving to install a silicon anode material-based in electric motorbikes with Enervate, a U.S. battery-based startup. Silicon anode is considered as a new next-generation battery material that speeds up battery charging time and extends energy capacity. Enertech plans to supply batteries adopting silicon anode materials from next year.
According to a report on the14th, Enertech International plans to supply batteries applying silicon anode material to Italian motorbike makers next year.
Silicon anode shortens battery charging time, increases energy density, and has 10 times higher energy density than existing graphite-based anode materials, so it is drawing attention as a next-generation battery material. The silicon anode material market is expected to grow to 5.5 trillion won by 2025.
The silicon anode material will be supplied by Enervatein the U.S., while the battery is manufactured by Enertech. Enertech plans to apply Enervate’s silicon anode material to high-nickel ‘NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese)’ batteries, which will be installed in electric bikes scheduled to be released in the second half of next year.
An Enertech official said, “Batteries applying a silicon anode material will be able to charge as fast as the refueling time of an internal combustion engine vehicle and realize high energy density.”
It is the first time that Enertech applied a silicon anode material to an NCM battery. Although a silicon anode material enhances battery performance, it can increase the battery manufacturing cost, so it is being supplied to the premium electric motor market.
Enertech plans to expand the application of silicon anode material to premium both electric vehicles and premium electric bikes. LG Energy Solutions applied silicon anode to its premium electric vehicle brand Taycan, which was first launched by Porsche in 2019.
CEO of Enertech Deok-geun Oh said, “We will speed up battery development to meet client needs by combining Enertech’s NCM battery manufacturing technology and Enervate’s silicon anode material technology.”
CEO of Enervate Robert A. Rango said “With silicon anode material, we will be able to realize fast battery charging and improve energy density.”

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By Staff Reporter Ji-woong Kim (jw0316@etnews.com)

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