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Despite more and more people are taking to electric vehicles, numerous barriers to adoption still exist. From limited range to long battery recharge times to high price tags, electric motorcycles and scooters are fighting an uphill battle. Known as a major automotive parts supplier in France, Norauto wants to change the electric landscape with affordable mobility options. As a result, the Wayscral E-Quip 45 scooter serves as the brand’s first foray into the e-scoot market.

Boasting a €1,999.95 ($2,423 USD) price tag, the Wayscral enters the segment as an accessible platform with a classic design. The timeless lines, circular headlight, and leather seat and grips deliver a charming little scoot. Despite the attractive styling and MSRP, however, the 50cc equivalent scooter matches its modest price with humbling performance.

The hub-mounted, 1.5 kW (2 horsepower) Bosch electric motor returns a 28-mph top speed. Paired to the removable LG battery, the electric powertrain only nets 25 miles and requires 5 hours to recharge. At 205 pounds, the E-Quip 45 isn’t the lightest e-scoot of the bunch either, but Norauto doesn’t let the pedestrian spec sheet rain on its parade.

“The launch of this new product represents for us a confirmation of the path towards sustainability and environmental protection that we have undertaken for years,” stated Norauto Italia CEO Jean-Luc Dony. “With our Mobility Labs, we can continue to guarantee a high-level customer experience even in the field of sustainable and alternative mobility, because all our collaborators follow specific and dedicated training courses and these skills allow us to position ourselves as a reference point also in this new area of mobility that represents the future.”

No, the Wayscral E-Quip 45 isn’t solving all the barriers to adoption for e-scooters. It might not have the strongest legs or the most stamina, but if it can get more folks onto electric-powered modes of transport, it will be a success for Norauto.

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