Disgust as poo-smeared Kettering Voi pooper scooter discovered Leave a comment

A woman who was on her way to a friend’s house in Kettering has spoken of her disgust at discovering a poo-smeared pay-as-you-ride electric scooter.

Denise Farren was making a floral delivery to a home in St Barnabas Close on the Ise Lodge estate on Saturday morning when she made the ‘horrendous’ discovery.

As she passed a Voi electric scooter a pungent stench was coming from its handlebars and she realised that the brown substance caking the scooter was not mud as she first thought – but faeces.

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The poo-smeared Voi scooter

Ms Farren said: “I just glanced at them on my way to drop flowers at a friends in St Barnabas and thought it was mud. When I came past again I thought I’ll take a picture. When I got close the smell was horrendous. Another neighbour then came out and said he had already reported it.”

After she posted the photo with a message other members of the public reacted with equal disgust.

She wrote: “Why? That is not mud…it’s poo smeared all over handles of 2 scooters. By the smell as you walk past it is from someone’s dog! It has been reported by a neighbour.”

One scooter user said: “I feel sick. I use these sometimes and it’s made me think I won’t bother anymore. I always sterilised my hands after anyway but this is beyond that.”

Another said: “Long ago I gave up trying to figure out what goes on in the minds of some members of society. It seems their heads are full of the stuff smeared over the scooters.”

Expressing concern for the Voi employees who service the scooters another said: “One of the poor Voi team will have to clean that! That’s awful! What does it achieve? Some people are vile and I feel for the Voi employee who has to go and fetch it. “

Another added: “What the hell is wrong with these morons, seen it all now, brainless b——-s. If they catch um (sic), make um (sic) clean it up with everybody watching. Absolutely gross.”

Voi has been contacted for a comment.

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