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POLICE are warning parents that officers will seize e-scooters that are being ridden illegally and will even destroy the vehicles if necessary.

In a letter to parents the force outlined how it is against the lawful to ride an e-Scooter on a public road or pavement and they must only be used on private land.

It comes after a number of incidents and issues with the e-scooters and last month a published freedom of information request revealed that in 2020, there were 100 crimes across the county which involved the electric scooters, with 41 of these recorded as thefts.

The letter from police to parents also says the force is launching a new effort to tackle the issues called Operation Solstice which starts on June 14 and focuses on the unlawful use of e-Scooters with the aim of keeping both users and communities safe from injury.

The letter says: “As you may know, it is currently unlawful to ride an e-Scooter on a public road or pavement.


“It can also create confusion as it is legal to buy them but becomes illegal to use them in any public place, road, pavement, or cycle lane. The only place an e-Scooter can be used is on private land.

“The reason for this is e-Scooters are treated, in legislation, as motor vehicles and subject to the same legal requirements including: MOT, driver’s licence, road tax and insurance.

“If your child is found using an e-Scooter in the above circumstances by the police, the scooter will be seized and every effort will be made to contact you immediately to arrange the return of the scooter and your daughter and or son to home or a place of safety.

“Where a child is found on a second or subsequent occasion, officers will use powers under the Road Traffic Act to seize and destroy the scooter.”

The force also said in the letter that in some circumstances there may be offences committed by parents of permitting no insurance and permitting no driving licence.

Echo: Warning - E-scooters are being used in south Essex Warning – E-scooters are being used in south Essex

Martin Terry, Independent councillor for public protection said he welcomes the efforts of the force in dealing with the incident.

He said: “I am frequently getting complaints about people riding these scooters dangerous and putting themselves in danger.

“I am glad police are taking action to protect everyone and I would also urge parents to make sure their children know the issues and dangers and what is legal.”

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