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It is part of the city’s new program partially funded through a federal grant to help people get around the area and surrounding suburbs. It’s called HOPR rolling out a fleet of 500 shared vehicles including 200 pedal bikes, 200 electric-assist bikes, and 100 e-scooters.

Tom Brede with RTS said they’ve been working on this project for a while. 

“They wanted more options than just owning a car, more options than just taking a bus and this is one way to respond to that demand from the community is providing different options again to get to work, to complete essential trips, or just for recreational purposes to get out and enjoy a nice day,” Brede said. 

It’s really easy to work, all you have to do is download the HOPR transit app on your phone, set up an account, scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock it, charge your card and you’re off.

“I love them. To be honest, having Uber and Lyft have been a big issue for me so having the ability to scoot everywhere has been really nice,” Emily Darter said. 

Darter has been riding them since they came out and says while she’s happy they’re here, they still need to work out some kinks. 

“The only problem is that they’re not always charged and there’s a high demand for them but outside of that I use them every chance I get,” Darter said. 

As for pricing, rental prices start at $1 to unlock and $0.15 per minute for pedal bikes and $1.25 to unlock, and $0.27 per minute for electric bikes and scooters. You can also get a monthly membership for $10 a month.

“Even just me riding them down popular streets like Park Ave. A lot of people have asked me what the pricing is,” Darter said. “Obviously when I drop them off they are already taken so I think it’s definitely going to be a popular thing in Rochester.”

Brede said you’ll probably see more of these stations popping up in the coming months, expanding out to the suburbs as long as the demand is there. 


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