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Piaggio One is available in three trims: One, One + and One Active. The difference between these trims is mainly in range and top speed. Please note that this is the second electric scooter from the Piaggio group. The first was the all-electric Vespa Elettrica, unveiled at the 2020 Auto Expo.

Piaggio One’s styling and features

Targeting primarily young audiences, Piaggio One is offered in a trendy package. A variety of monotone and dual tone color options are available. It borrows some styling bits from Vespa, Aprilia and Piaggio scooters, but still has its own identity. Some important features include sleek, vertically placed dual headlamps, single-piece seats, sporty side panels, and edgy tail lamps.

Piaggio One is designed to ensure a comfortable journey for both riders and pillions. The scooter has spacious feet and ample storage space in the compartment under the seat.

Piaggio One Trim and Specs

The base model Piaggio One is equipped with a 1.8kWh battery pack that powers a 1.2kW motor. It has a cruising range of 55km and a top speed of 45km / h. The mid-spec One + model uses a larger 2.3kWh battery pack. However, the motor is the same as the base model. The top speed of One + is 55kmp, but the available range is up to 100km.

The top spec Piaggio One Active uses the same battery as the One +, but with a more powerful 2kW motor. The maximum speed is 60km / h, and it can run 85km on a full charge.

The Piaggio One Scooter is equipped with a removable battery. This allows users to comfortably charge at home. The battery can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in about 6 hours. You can use a standard power outlet to charge the scooter. Other important features include all-LED lights, fully digital instrument clusters, and USB charging.

The Piaggio One electric scooter uses a single-sided trailing link front suspension. The rear unit consists of a double-sided swing arm attached to a twin shock absorber. Disc brakes are attached to both ends of the scooter.

Piaggio Oneindia released

At this time, it is unlikely that Piaggio One will be launched in India. Piaggio plans to launch an electric scooter in India. But it’s probably the electric version of either Vespa or Aprilia. Piaggio electric scooters for India will be a lifestyle product that competes with Bajaj Chetac, TVS iQube, Ather 450X and more.

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