Howie Mandel Throws Shade at Simon Cowell’s Electric Bike Accident on ‘AGT’ Leave a comment

Howie Mandel Throws Shade at Simon Cowell’s Electric Bike Accident on ‘AGT’

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UniCircle Flow is a unicycle act whose tricks are unbelievable and wicked fast. They came to America’s Got Talent all the way from Japan to put on quite the spectacle. Howie Mandel decided to take a crack at Simon Cowell’s electric bike accident after the act was over.

Howie Mandel Takes Jab at Simon Cowell’s Back Injury During Unicycle Act

UniCircle Flow is a group that was put together by Season 8 winner Kenichi Ebina. The act is typically performed by 12 people, but this time on America’s Got Talent there were only four up on stage. This group has been performing with his traveling show. Kenichi was backstage with the group based on Instagram photos, but the producers did not air his segment. Instead, all of the focus was on this awesome act.

Mandel was clearly fascinated by the act throughout the entire performance. It was all of the swift twists and turns that mesmerized him along with the other judges. Terry Crews was going wild backstage. Mandel commented that traditionally clowns and novelty acts perform on unicycles but this act is the real deal.

“Even with one wheel you’re able to balance,” he said gesturing to Cowell. “I don’t know what happened to him with two wheels.”

Mandel was just poking fun at Cowell in this instance. He previously sent him a bicycle as a get-well present after the accident. Cowell suffered from a broken back after his electric bike accident in August 2020. He underwent over six hours of surgery and had a metal rod placed in his back.

After months of rehabilitation, Cowell is back and better than ever making harsh comments on America’s Got Talent. The group ended up making it through to the next round of the competition but Mandel’s shade at Cowell is still fresh in our minds.


Samantha Agate
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