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MeloYelo e-bikes is helping
EVolocity take their electric vehicle high school offering
to new heights with the launch of a new programme – the EVolocity
Innovation Lab

Students lining up for
drag races

By supplying a brand-new e-mountain bike, a
Bafang 300-watt mid-drive motor kit, and a 13Ah lithium-ion
battery to a qualifying team in each of their operational
regions, EVolocity and MeloYelo aim to inspire innovation
and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Qualifying teams will
not only be required to retrofit their bikes with the Bafang
motor kits, they will also be tasked with adding an
innovation of their own creation and ultimately preparing a
sales pitch for their bike and original new design element,
to sell the bikes at auction. EVolocity will support
students through a series of online workshops with a range
of professionals, including electric motorcycle racer,
engineer and record breaker, Eva Hakansson.

are renowned for their innovative, out-of-the-box
thinking,” says MeloYelo director, and founder of
EVolocity, Rob McEwen. “Through the EVolocity Innovation
Lab, we are giving high school students an opportunity to
conceive of and create a product that can be added to an
electric bike, and which enhances the value of the

EVolocity has long held the belief that young
people are some of our best innovators. That’s why they
bring high school students together around the concept of
designing and building electric vehicles from scratch, which
they then compete with at regional and national level
events. The new EVolocity Innovation Lab will take this
ingenuity to the next level by encouraging students to
conceptualise and design original features that will enhance
the value of real-life e-bike riding

EVolocity was founded on three key
tenets. Turning young people onto the joys of innovation and
engineering, and addressing New Zealand’s national skills
shortage in this area. Fostering a new generation of drivers
that are comfortable with electric vehicle technology, while
educating them about the environmental and economic benefits
of EVs. And finally, providing young people with a practical
way to engage with sustainability and make a positive impact
on climate change.

“EVolocity is about developing
future generations of innovators and the Innovation Lab
provides a real-world platform for our young people to use
their creativity to take a concept right through to a
marketable product.” says Chief Executive Sarah Fitzgerald.
“This program fosters entrepreneurship and team work while
recognising and celebrating success.”

close on June 22, after which teams will have six months to
develop and produce their bikes into a finished product. The
bikes will then be auctioned off with proceeds from the
auction being split between EVolocity and the winning

Open to all schools in EVolocity’s operating
regions including those already enrolled on EVolocity’s
flagship Electric Vehicle Build programme, this initiative
is an exciting addition to a remarkable high school
offering. To learn more about the EVolocity Innovation Lab,
go to their website

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