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Via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, an American startup called Scotsman is offering an electric scooter that’s connected and entirely 3D-printed. This e-scooter is made of carbon fiber and can be customized to suit different body types and riding styles. Scotsman’s 3D-printed e-scooter is crafted entirely from ultra-premium thermoplastic AS4 (aerospace grade) carbon fiber composite materials, from the handlebar, stem and fork to the baseboard, suspension, battery bay, and other support structures.

The manufacturer states that the scooter’s frame can be tailored to suit anyone’s height (in theory, from 1.42 meters to 2.03 meters), weight and riding style. In fact, each unit is made to measure. For rider comfort, the scooter has large 10-inch wheels, a generous 8-inch-wide deck and a long wheelbase. Plus, 3D printing has allowed Scotsman to develop a unique suspension system, for absorbing bumps and small shocks.

This scooter features a 4G cellular connection, as well as GPS and a color display. It also has an onboard ultra-wide-angle 1080p dashcam to capture the action as you ride.

Note that Scotsman offers the option of adding a second battery for boosted range. Moreover, the removable batteries can be used as power banks to charge mobile devices like smartphones and laptops (USB-C).

An accompanying application (for Android and iOS) can be installed on the rider’s smartphone to connect to the scooter over Bluetooth, enabling functions including automatic unlocking, choosing ride modes and turn-by-turn directions on both the app and scooter displays.

Scotsman proposes several versions of this premium e-scooter, in relation to its power and battery capacity, starting from $1,499. Global shipments are expected to start from the end of 2021.

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