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HERFORD: Police have been trolled on social media after they used a 7.5-tonne recovery truck to transport a mini electric scooter, which weighs less than 15 kilograms in Herford, England.  

According to the details, West Mercia Police officers had seized a mini electric scooter in Hereford on June 4. The police officials earned severe criticism when the department released a photo of the two-wheeler being towed away on the back of a massive truck.

The photo was shared on the official Facebook page of Hereford police with the explanation that it was seized after the rider was spotted on public roads.


 “If you do use an E-Scooter in those places you could face prosecution. Even if you are given a fixed penalty ticket, riding without insurance attracts a £300 fine and 6 points on your driving license. If you don’t have a license, the points would be on it when you apply for one,” read the post.

A user wrote: “Couldn’t you guys have just put the thing in a patrol cars boot? That towing truck seems like a massive waste of resource for such a tiny thing.”

“Do you really want to congratulate on what looks like a complete waste of money to bring a tow truck to seize a flipping scooter,” another said.

A third user wrote, “I wonder if they could have found a bigger town truck for that scooter!!!! That would have fitted into the boot of a police car surely.”



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