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If you think about Husqvarna as only a motorcycle manufacturer, you soon may have to readjust your thinking.  A recent Husqvarna announcement says that it will bring an electric scooter to market.  The scooter is aimed at the urban mobility market and will be called the Vektorr scooter.


Husqvarna is targeting the urban mobility marketplace.


The Vektorr electric scooter concept comes on the heels of Husqvarna’s recent unveiling of the E-Pilen.  The two machines seem to indicate that Husky is serious about electric mobility.

Although the Vektorr is still a concept machine, it appears to be pretty far along in its development.  It carries the angular body panels of other Husqvarna machines like the Svartpilen and Vitpilen. But it’s not as angular as the designs coming from its parent company KTM.  The angles here seem cleaner and less aggressive.

However, it’s not all angles and straight lines.  Check out that headlight.  Does it look familiar?  It’s round and surrounded by two oval daytime driving lights.  Can you say Norden 901 concept adventure bike?


The Vektorr’s round headlight is similar to the one shown on Husky’s Norden 901 concept bike.

The Vektorr has a claimed top speed of about 45 km/h (28 mph).  That’s not breathtaking, but if correct, the lower speed limit may keep the scooter in the moped class for some parts of the world.  That would mean that riders would not need a motorcycle endorsement to ride it.  The Vektorr’s range is also somewhat limited at about 95 km.

Based on the Bajaj Chetak?

According to moneycontrol, the Vektorr is based on the Bajaj Chetak.  It carries the same front single-side trailing link suspension and a swingarm-mounted motor as well as similar instrumentation.  The Chetak also uses a 3 kWh battery pack to produce about 16 Nm of torque and provide 95 kilometers of range.  So if the Vektorr uses the same motor and battery setup, you can expect it to have that similar performance numbers.

What do you think about the Vektorr concept scooter?  If it were priced reasonably, would you be interested in purchasing one?  Let us know in the comments below.



All photo credit: Husqvarna

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