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BMW has been busy lately with its major electrification drive across its vehicle sector. They are eyeing 50% all-electric sales from their mobility sector including cars and motorcycles. While the all-electric sub-brand is in full swing for its 4-wheeler department with the i-line-up, the Motorrad department is yet to get on that bandwagon. But they sure have started with the shift to all-electric two-wheelers. And the first offering is the quite radical and futuristic-looking BMW CE 04 Electric urban scooter.

BMW’s vision is simple when it comes to urban mobility. People should be able to drive or ride about seamlessly, without breaking a sweat. While the design is a very major aspect of the upcoming CE 04 electric scooter, a very clever bunch of engineering decisions have gone into it, to make it the most easy-going scooter for the future. Clearly, this all-electric specimen gives a loud ‘Cyberpunk’ vibe, but everything has been built around a clear set of practical criteria and riding dynamics.

This is not actually BMW’s first take on the electric angle, as they have unveiled their first in 2013 as the C Evolution Electric Maxi-Scooter. Early 2010 was clearly not the right time for this transition, which is why BMW is back with a much more radical all-electric scooter now. It has only been unveiled in its concept form, but the recent spy shots of its test vehicle clearly show that the production variant isn’t going to change much and that’s quite intriguing.

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BMW’s Next-Gen Electric Scooter Follows In The BMW C Evolution’s Footsteps

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter is very easy to ride about in the city


This is not technically BMW Motorrad’s foray into electrification. Back in 2013, BMW had showcased the C Evolution Electric Maxi scooter that was unveiled aside from the BMW i8. Both these vehicles were slated to be game-changers but neither shot to fame. BMW was quite ahead of the thinking curve at the time, because of which its hybrid sports car and the all-electric maxi-scooter didn’t take off.

But they are at it again, but in a more refined and planned manner with the all-new BMW CE 04 Electric scooter. BMW CE 04 follows in the footsteps of the C Evolution, for which the key aspects were design and rideability.

This Beamer Will Most Likely Share Hardware With The Latest BMW Cars

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter rear-mounted electric motor


BMW has not released any details about the powertrain to be used in the CE 04. But we expect the battery pack to be closely related to the new wave of BMW i line-up. This is because its spiritual predecessor, the C Evolution, used battery modules with the BMW i3. So, it is most likely that the CE 04 with also share battery tech with an electric car. As BMW is targeting urban riders with a daily average travel range of under 10 miles, expect it to sport a compact battery pack with a nominal driving range.

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With A Lower Center Of Gravity, Riding Dynamics Has Been Given Due Importance

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter side view


Practicality and rideability are two crucial factors that have been given utmost importance for this Beamer. The overall design language has been catered for a lowered stance, which in turn assures a lower center of gravity. The upright riding position has also been catered for a comfortable time on the saddle. Talking of which, the seat is unique in its design as it offers a completely flat layout that allows you to move about freely, with height not being a crucial criterion. The battery pack is supposedly located exactly under the rider, which allows riding it around even in tight urban conditions, a breeze.

A New Dimension For Urban Mobility: Futuristic Appeal Is Strong With This One

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter rear angular view


We can’t unsee the various ‘Cyberpunk’ inspired design cues in the BMW CE 04 Electric scooter. The elongated wheelbase, lowered stance, industrial design cues, and contrasting colors all bundled together to give a futuristic appeal for this electric scooter. The short-sprout flat seat plays a very crucial role in giving the rear quarter quite a dramatic look.

The design might look quite complex but it is in fact the opposite with emphasis given to simplicity, functionality, and clarity when it comes to aesthetics. It is in fact, according to BMW, a depiction of the world that we live in, but uncluttered. And interestingly, the production variant will not vary much from the concept.

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Looks Impractical But Is Quite The Opposite: With Connected Tech And Urban Perks

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter TFT instrument cluster


Looks can be quite deceiving and that is also the case with the BMW CE 04 electric scooter. BMW has taken a practical approach with its newest electric scooter, loaded with technology and daily usable bits. Talking of tech, this is going to be a connected scooter with a 10.25-inch TFT display as the instrument cluster. It will be the window to controlling and viewing all major functions of the scooter.

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter helmet storage area


A smartphone can also be seamlessly connected to the CE 04 and help in showcasing maps, calls, and various other notifications. And if we take the practical aspect of things, it comes with a storage pocket, enough to store a half-face helmet. It is impressive on how BMW has managed to take a truly practical angle for the CE 04, despite looking like something out of a space-age movie.

Expect The Next-Gen BMW CE 04 To Be On Sale By Late 2022

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter gets cool looking wheels


While most of the technical details are still under curtains, BMW has confirmed the CE 04’s production. The production guise will not look much different from the concept and that makes it quite the thing to look forward to. Expect the BMW CE 04 Electric scooter to go on sale by 2022-end and carry a price tag of around $10,000.


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