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E-SCOOTER riders could end up in court for traffic offences as police clamp down on using the motor vehicles in public spaces.

Dorset Police said they have received increased reports of more people using e-scooters, which are illegal to ride in a public place.

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While e-scooters are legally available to purchase, it is currently against the law to ride a privately owned e-scooter in any public place in the UK.

This includes roads, pavements, parks, town centres or promenades.

The only place a privately owned e-scooter can be used is on private land.

This is because e-scooters are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) so they are treated as motor vehicles.

A spokesman from Dorset Police said: “Police have received calls recently around e-scooters and how they are being used. Here is some information for you to be aware of.

“It is against the law to ride an e-scooter on public land including pavements, cycle lanes and beach promenades, bridleways, or any public accessible land such as parks and car parks.

“You are only allowed to ride e-scooters on private land and with the land owner’s permission.

“The police can issue you with a warning and can seize the scooter, while the rider may also be liable for prosecution for traffic offences.”

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