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SALISBURY, Md.— The Birds have landed. 

Salisbury residents and visitors alike can now look out for electric scooters to rent and ride using the Bird App, on Android or Apple devices, as the city announced May 27.

These scooters are dockless, meaning they can be parked freely around the city, to be rented by the next person. The app will show a rider preferred spaces to park, called “nests,” and scooters in general should be parked in grass strips, space between street and sidewalk or other public space. 

“We’re devoted to making commuting to and through Salisbury easier and safer than ever,” said Salisbury Mayor Jake Day, standing next to one of the first Bird scooters outside of the Government Office Building on Wednesday.

Day told the crowd the scooters will provide more than a fun ride and wind through your “proverbial hair” as you scoot up to 20 mph. 

“They help our city reduce carbon emissions, as well as traffic congestion on our roadways,” he said. “They provide a safe way to get around and offer residents without automobiles an easy, affordable transportation option.”

The city’s fleet comes with certain rules of the road, similar to cycling, like riding in bike lanes whenever possible, following bike traffic signage, riding with traffic flow when lanes are not present and yielding to pedestrians at all times, among others. 

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The city will start with 100 scooters, and that number could grow as the company monitors activity. A local resident fleet manager will oversee the scooters, fielding issues from riders and making sure the electric fleet stays charged. 

Special Pricing is available for select groups including low-income, military members and veterans, according to the city. Riders can also connect via text, in lieu of the app. More information can be found on Bird’s website.

“We’re proud to be launching this program as we put begin to put COVID-19 in our rearview,” Day said, a helmet and charged scooter waiting for him. “We’re excited to add Bird scooters to the list of transportation options in our city.”

Helmet clicked, the mayor hopped on and buzzed down N. Division Street. 

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