Enough e-scooter rides have been taken in Bristol to go all away around the world 40 times over. Leave a comment

Nationally though less than half of people support their use

There have been hundreds of thousands of e scooter rides in Bristol since they were introduced last October

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Enough e-scooter rides have been taken in Bristol to go all away around the world 40 times over.

The company behind the scheme Voi says 1.6 million kilometres worth of rides have been used in the city, but data for the whole UK says less than half of people support their use.

A survey, commissioned by Voi, has found 48 percent of respondents support the use of e-scooters, while 24 percent do not.

Trials of rentable e-scooters are in place across the UK in a bid to encourage sustainable travel.

“Nine months after the first e-scooter trials began in the UK, new figures reveal the extent to which Bristol has become a leading city for e-scooters while the whole of the UK is embracing new forms of electric micro-mobility and cutting back on car usage,” a statement reads.

“Fewer than one in four people oppose their use. “

Some questions have been raised about the trials everywhere including in Bristol.

Here a photo of dozens of scooters all parked on the same small pavement near The Downs led some to call for better regulation, while both here and across the country there have been crashes involving e-scooters in which people have been seriously injured.

The statement put out by survey company findoutnow.co.uk says the South West as a region is the second biggest supporter of e-scooters across the UK, beaten only by Scotland.

According to Voi data, the e-scooters are having a positive impact on the city.

E-scooter rides have replaced over 200,000 private car trips in Bristol, saving 220.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The most popular areas to ride a Voi e-scooter are between the Royal Infirmary and Broad Quay, suggesting that scooters continually support NHS and hospital workers, and between Clifton Downs and Broad Quay, with people using scooters to travel to and around the park and waterfront in warmer weather.

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