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Gogoro, a Taiwanese electric scooter manufacturer that recently partnered with Hero MotoCorp, has registered the Gogoro Viva in India.

Gogoro Viva electric scooter: details 

The Gogoro Viva is a youth-oriented scooter, replete with an unconventional design and vibrant colours. The scooter gets an LCD instrument panel with smartphone connectivity, in keeping with the needs of today’s generation. Gogoro has registered the EV in India and could be part of the lineup that the Gogoro-Hero MotoCorp partnership is expected to come up with in the years to come.

Gogoro Viva electric scooter: motor and battery 

The Gogoro Viva is positioned as a city runabout and is powered by a hub mounted 3kW electric motor. The company says that its integrated motor and controller system mean less exposure and easy maintenance.

The scooter is sold abroad in two variants, the basic and premium version. The basic version’s electric motor produces 85Nm while the premium variant’s motor makes 115Nm. 

The scooter has two ride modes- Normal and Superboost. The claimed range is 85km at 30kmph and one can swap the battery in 60 seconds at Gogoro’s battery swapping stations.

Gogoro Viva electric scooter: Chassis

The EV is pretty lightweight tipping the scales at 80kg, with a battery pack included. The dimensions are pretty compact as well and with a 740mm seat height, it is quite accessible. 

The small dimensions don’t come at the cost of boot space and the scooter has a relatively generous 21.6 litres on offer.

In terms of suspension components, the EV has a telescopic front fork, twin rear shock absorbers. Braking is taken care of by a front and rear disc with Synchronised Braking System or SBS.

Gogoro Viva electric scooter: What does the registration mean?

Well, it is too early to tell if the Gogoro Viva will go on sale in India as it is and if Hero MotoCorp will simply rebrand the Viva and sell it here. While all of this is speculation for now, what can be said is this is another step in the Hero MotoCorp-Gogoro partnership in India.

As we’d previously mentioned, Hero and Gogoro have big plans to set up a vast battery swapping network in India. Given the tiny EV charging infrastructure currently in India and the time taken to charge an EV, the battery swapping network could help address some of the concerns of EV buyers.

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