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THE people of Cork have come together to raise over €1,680 in a matter of hours for a family living in Direct Provision who recently had an electric bike stolen.

The Singh family, who have been living in Cork for over three years, are well-known for their generosity having recently distributed thousands of free face masks across the city.

On Monday, an electric bike which was purchased by the father of the family, Raminder Singh, was stolen.

Raminder Singh had been saving up to buy the bike for his son, who is said to be “gutted” following the robbery.

An online fundraiser was soon set up to help the family to replace the stolen bike.

Within just four hours, over €1,000 was raised for the cause.

“An electric bike purchased by the father of the Singh family in Cork has been stolen,” said fundraiser organiser and Recruit Refugees Operations Manager, Kerry McCarthy.

“The Singh family live in Direct Provision and are well known for giving out hundreds of free masks last year during the pandemic. 

“Let’s help them replace the bike and give back to them.”

In less than 24 hours, over €1,680 has been gathered, meaning that there is now enough funds to allow the family to purchase a new bike.

The family of five are currently living in Kinsale Road Direct Provision Centre and last year, they regularly handed out free face masks in the city centre, in what a family friend has described as their “way to help Irish people”.

The GoFundMe page is available here.

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