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More than 30 electric scooter riders have been hit with warnings during a police operation raising awareness of how to use them in Slough.

On Friday last week, Thames Valley Police (TVP) officers joined together to highlight the rules surrounding e-scooters amongst those living and working in the town. 

Officers and PCSOs patrolled Slough on foot and in vehicles and stopped a number of people using e-scooters across the area.

A total of 32 riders were stopped and issued with warning letters during the afternoon. The majority of these were riders using private e-scooters but a number of individuals using the rental electric scooters were also issued with warnings.

Earlier in the day, Slough Borough Council and Neuron, the rental e-scooter provider for Slough, ran a Scoot Safe event in the Thames Valley University car park to demonstrate how to safely ride one of the e-scooters that are available to rent in the town.

Roads Policing officer PC Marcus Audoin, of the Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary Joint Operations Unit, said: “Electric scooters have soared in popularity over recent years and with pilot schemes taking place across the UK as well, many are unaware or confused about where and how these can be ridden.

“In law, electric scooters are treated as vehicles which means that they are subject to all the same legal requirements as motor vehicles, such as MOT, tax, licensing and insurance.

“As e-scooters can’t currently meet these requirements, if you own an e-scooter, you can only use it on private land with the permission of the landowner. Riding a privately-owned e-scooter on a public road, pavement or other public area is an offence.

“Rental e-scooters can be used legally as they are part of an ongoing government trial, however riders have to hire the scooter from specific companies who will have provided the relevant motor insurance and registration requirements.

“Each rental company will have their own policies for use of their e-scooters but general rules to be aware of are that you must hold a full or provisional driving licence endorsed with category q, that you can only ride them on a public road or cycle lane, not on pavements and only one person can use them at any time.

“From those that we spoke to on Friday, many are unaware of the rules that govern the use of e-scooters and this is why we issued warning letters rather than enforcing offences.

“If those who have been issued a warning are found to breach the rules again then enforcement action will be taken which could range from a fine to points being added to their driving licence.

“I urge anyone thinking of buying or renting an e-scooter to familiarise yourself with the rules in place about their use.”

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