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San Diego-based Juiced Bikes has just launched the brand’s latest electric bicycle, the Juiced RipCurrent S Step-Thru.

The updated open frame is designed to be more accessible to a wider range of riders. On these large fat tire e-bikes, that can be a huge benefit. Throwing a leg over a large bike isn’t always easy, especially when that rear rack is piled high. Hopping on and off of a step-through bike is simply more comfortable.

The new model was teased last week ahead of today’s launch, though we might have spoiled the launch a bit with a spy photo of the new bike.

Leaks or no leaks, the new bike is now out and shows off Juiced’s signature expertise when it comes to packing in the features and the extra battery capacity.

The company has standardized around 52V batteries, and the new Juiced RipCurrent S Step-Thru comes with the largest model offered by Juiced, a 52V 19.2Ah pack. That’s just shy of 1,000 Wh of capacity.

To put that in perspective, most e-bikes currently average between 350-650 Wh of battery. The largest e-bike company in the US, Rad Power Bikes, has standardized on a 672 Wh pack. Very few e-bikes come close to 1,000 Wh.

According to the company, that big battery gives the new RipCurrent S Step-Thru a maximum range of 70 miles (112 km), though that is with pedal assist support set on low. Harder throttle-enabled riding is more likely to see 35-40 miles (56-64 km) of range.

Riders sticking with pedal assist will be happy to see the inclusion of both a torque sensor and a cadence sensor, which combine to provide smoother, more responsive power delivery.

With a 750W continuous motor in the rear, the Juiced RipCurrent S Step-Thru reaches a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). There’s also a 9-speed transmission that riders can run through on their way up to max speed.

The bike comes standard with a heavy-duty rear rack as well as front and rear fenders for all-weather riding. And with large 4″ fat tires, a front suspension fork, and dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, the RipCurrent S Step-Thru is ready for all-terrain riding, too.

A super bright 1,050 lumen headlight provides actual night-riding visibility, instead of just being an indicator for cars of the bike’s presence.

Anyone doing fast trail riding at night may want to add an even brighter light, but this stock light will still be good for illuminating pitch-black trails on its own.

The bike is available in standard White and Black colors as well as two attractive new options of Beach Blue and Yellow.

While the bike is officially being launched today, prospective riders won’t be able to toss a leg over (or through) it until later next month. Pre-orders are now being collected for a mid-June shipping date.

Priced at $2,699, it’s a pretty penny higher than popular competitors, but also offers a number of higher performance parts such as the larger battery, more powerful motor, and higher-spec bike components.

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