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There is a nasty rumour going around the Okanagan that electric and regular bikes are unavailable.

That could not be further from the truth, especially when you are talking about Kelowna E Ride and Vernon E Ride, two of the longest-running e-bike shops in Canada.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions have people looking to entertain themselves in their own backyard. As a result, Okanagan residents have been flocking to bike stores to grab whatever they can to keep themselves entertained and in shape at the same time.

Most stores simply do not have enough inventory to keep up with the demand, but Kelowna E Ride and Vernon E Ride do not face that dilemma. The company, which is owned and operated by Darren Mohl, has been around for nearly a decade, and that means it has 12 brands to work with and tons of inventory on hand.

“We ordered in so many bikes this year that we have bikes now,” Mohl says. “It’s through our strategic thinking and partnerships with these people and the fact is e-bikes are on an explosive growth trend. The brands that we work with already are on to that.”

Mohl has another $1 million worth of inventory on its way, and he will also be launching his own line of e-bikes later this year.

While e-bikes might be their specialty, Kelowna E Ride and Vernon E Ride offer many other transportation options for Okanagan residents looking to get outside this summer.

They normally rent bikes each year, but that has been put on hold for 2021 due to the pandemic-related travel restrictions. Mohl is therefore selling the high-quality Fuji bikes, which feature hydraulic disc brakes, for $699.

The two shops, which are the largest in the Okanagan, also have electric scooters and onewheels for sale. Kelowna and Vernon are part of a provincial pilot project that allows e-scooters to travel in bike lanes and on the side of roadways, so their popularity is on the rise as well.

Kelowna E Ride and Vernon E Ride also have plenty of helmets, which should be worn at all times when you’re out enjoying the Okanagan, and they also service what they sell.

Visit the company’s website to learn more about the bikes that are available.

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