Irish Electric Scooter Company is Paying “Professional Commuters” €1000 a Month to Travel to Work Leave a comment

Many of us dread that long commute in the morning and hate how much it costs us too!

Now imagine for a moment being paid e1000 in the role of “Professional Commuter”!

A Dublin company is offering exactly this scenario – they are paying out 1000 simply to commute to work and back. The company we are talking about is Green Electric Scooters and the offering they have is for 5 individuals to get paid to commute in exchange for logging their experience as they travel. Here is where you can access the job application.

What Are The Details Of The Job?

Each of the individuals will get 50 per day, for a 4 week period this will be paid out for 20 return commutes. The company will use this experience to gain insight into the timescale for commuting with an electric scooter and compare this with public transport or car travel. They will also look at other factors, for instance, the effect on motivation, productivity, and mindset when using this form of transport.

According to the job description, the commuters will take part in the opportunity for 4 weeks and during that time they will be required to take part in several experiments which are designed to test out theories such as the comparison in the timeframe between electric scooters and public transport, the experiments will also provide information on the impact on stress enjoyment, fatigue, and motivation.

Before each experiment the individuals will have to engage in a video call to ensure that they understand the task, then following the experiment, they will again have a video call to complete a verbal questionnaire related to their experience. The payment of e1000 will be paid out at the end of the 4 week period to each individual.

There has been a big increase in how popular electric scooters are in the countries where they are allowed to be on the road. Currently, the laws around electric scooters in Ireland are under review with an expectation that by the time we are coming out of 2021 they will have some form of legality for road travel.

Cormac Reynolds from Green Electronic Scooters has noted there is a significant increase in people wanting to find a commute that feels quicker and easier. The option of an electric scooter provides a greener commute, as well as a potentially faster and cheaper one. Indeed Dublin is a fantastic place but the transport network can be an issue.

It is the insight that will come from understanding how people experience the electric scooter from various perspectives that will be invaluable to the company and mean that the theories they currently have can be certified, as well as aid them in providing a better end product. If you think this sounds like something that you would like to take part in or you know someone who you think would be up for it, it’s time to apply!


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