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The Zoomo Sport 2021 is the Aussie companies next e-bike for the masses. Its purpose-built for Australian city (read road) use to make bike commutes so much faster. It is also popular with couriers and food delivery riders.

GadgetGuy is testing the Zoomo Sport 2021, and to do so, we needed to develop a whole new set of test paradigms to ensure going forward, we review all e-bikes to this standard. To that end, we strongly recommend reading How to choose e-Bikes – A GadgetGuy comprehensive guide so that you know where we are coming from.

Review: Zoomo Sport 2021 e-bike

  • Website here
  • Price: RRP $3599 from July 2021. Promotional offer $2999 with options of rent-to-own (approx. $150pm x 24m), and no-lock-in monthly rentals (cost based on use).
  • Warranty: Will vary for purchase, rent to own, commercial use etc. See terms here covering the frame, forks, electrical and drivetrain.
  • From: Zoomo in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane (locations)
  • Service: via Zoomo service centres – see service later
  • Zoomo (Est 2017 in Sydney), as Bolt Bikes, is now one of the larger e-bike rental and subscription companies servicing parts of the US, UK and Australia. It rents Smartmotion, VelectriX, NCM and develops a range of Zoomo bikes (here).

First impression – Big, black, heavy bike without instructions

It is quite an imposing bike in matte black with a quasi-step-through frame and 26″ Kenda Kwick Drumlin rims shod with decent Kenda street tyres. It is also quite heavy at 27kg, made mainly from high-grade aircraft aluminium.

How did I feel on the first ride? Terror, trepidation, uncertainty – none of the above, well at least not uncontrollably so. It has been a while since this sexagenarian was an active pushbike rider where I would set of and do 50+km at a time. I class myself as a recreational rider – throw in a bit of exercise, see the sights, and perhaps have a nice lunch along the way.

We will get to set up shortly, but the strongest first feeling I had was to be more traffic aware. Pull out onto the street (all clear), ride a few hundred metres, and expect motorists to obey the 1.5m clearance rule. Sorry – wrong. Almost without exception, motorists zoomed past, breaking that rule. And I kept looking over my right shoulder – damned cars – they seem so perilously close.

But after the first few rides with increasing confidence and bravado, I started to enjoy the experience.


The purchase price includes a safety induction and up to $150 in local delivery costs. But basically, the bike is ready to go – no assembly required. Regrettably, I did not get the induction, but the basics are fairly straightforward – charge, activate the display with the RFID key and ride. The e-bike is just a heavier pushbike, albeit that boost of power that makes riding easy.

  • Zoomo Sport 2021
  • Battery Charger
  • Phone Holder
  • USB Port for phone charging on the go
  • King Meter KM5S-R display
  • Secure U-Lock
  • Safety Induction (if bought locally)


Unlock the display via an RFID tag – it is the brains of the e-bike.

  • Five power-assist modes: Eco, City, Tour, Power, Boost
  • Info key: Real-time speed, average speed, maximum speed, total accumulated kilometrage, single kilometrage, single riding time, real-time speed.
  • Battery status
  • Remaining kilometrage

I don’t know the power assist ratio, but I guess it is from 1:1 to about 5:1. That means for the effort you put; the bike adds its power assist ratio. It has a torque sensor (how hard you push) that is far more accurate than a cadence sensor (how fast you pedal).

Eco is for battery life (distance), and all the others will reduce the battery life. We did all tests on Eco.

Rims and tyres

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