Russian ballet dancer from Saint Petersburg’s famous Mariinsky Theatre in coma after falling from electric scooter at high speed Leave a comment

A soloist from Saint Petersburg’s prestigious Mariinsky Theatre has been placed in a coma after crashing an electric scooter and falling hard on the pavement. He is now in critical condition, after suffering from cranial trauma.

David Zaleyev has been dancing at the Mariinsky since 2013, and has won multiple awards for his solo performances. According to the theatre’s press service, which spoke to local news outlet, Zaleyev is currently in hospital, having undergone a cranial trepanation following a brain hemorrhage.

Videos of the incident published online show Zaleyev attempting to weave his way through a group of pedestrians. He appears to clip one of the men on the sidewalk, causing him to take a tumble and smash his head on the ground. According to newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda St. Petersburg, citing a source, the ballet dancer may have been intoxicated.

“The man was found in a severe state of acute alcohol poisoning,” the source said. “It was impossible to question him – he had a closed cranial trauma and concussion of the brain.”

In recent years, electric scooter-sharing services have been popping up all around Russia. In Saint Petersburg, the Whoosh and Molnia apps have become popular as a convenient way to get around town.

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The Mariinsky company was founded in the mid-1700s as the Imperial Russian Ballet and is one of the two most prestigious ballet troupes in Russia, along with Moscow’s Bolshoi.

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