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Roll up, roll up, get your non-fungible tokens and then possibly something solid in 12 months or so

Late last year we reported on the Tesla Model B Concept e-bike that was (a)︎ not a Tesla and (b) not an e-bike. Now branded The Micro Bike, the first 16 production vehicles are apparently being auctioned off – although what you’ll actually receive if you win is a matter of some conjecture.

Industrial designer Kendall Toerner’s Tesla Model B electric moped concept got quite a lot of attention at the time – largely on account of being slightly bonkers.

First of all, despite liberal use of the word ‘Tesla’, Toerner didn’t actually work for the firm. His design was merely Tesla-inspired.

Then there was the design itself. Striking elements included static handlebars, an independently turning front wheel and suspension integrated into the spokes.

All well and good. It was just a concept, after all.


tier-1-sun.png, by Micro Bike

However, it now appears as if the first 16 production models of the bike – “the Genesis Collection” – are being auctioned off.

An auction got underway on Monday and finishes tomorrow with a minimum bid of $8,000.

The items listed are one gold-plated “Sun Edition” Micro Bike for the top bid; five red copper “Mars Edition” Micro Bikes; and 10 storm white “Moon Edition” Micro Bikes.

These are illustrated with images of the Micro Bike parked in those three unlikely locations.


tier-2-mars.png, by Micro Bike

The website states that winners will get a non-fungible token (NFT) for the corresponding physical vehicle, along with an accompanying digital art piece.

The way we understand it, the idea is that you would later exchange that NFT for the physical bike.

> Colnago is auctioning off an NFT of a C64 road bike… and faces a backlash for the environmental impact

And that, really, is all you have to go on: a trio of images that look like rejected prog rock album covers and a few somewhat uninspiring answers in the FAQs.


tier-3-moon.png, by Micro Bike

Why should I trust that the physical Genesis Edition Micro Bike will actually be delivered?

“The Micro Bike project is backed by a prominent group of investors. Prospective bidders can contact to request more information.”

When can I redeem my token for the physical Micro Bike?

“You will receive an email notifying you when the token is available for redemption in early 2022 upon completion of the physical bikes.”

Where are the physical Micro Bikes held before they are redeemed?

“Items are held and shipped from a secure facility.”

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