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Swedish-origin Austrian company Husqvarna’s Motorcycles is continuously adding electric vehicles to its portfolio. The company unveiled a 6.7-HP minibike in the year 2018 and also showcased a close-to-production concept named E-Pilen earlier this year. Following this, Austria headquartered company demonstrated a design study by the name called Vektorr that reveals how it intends to enter the battery-powered scooter domain.

Offered online, the Vektorr establishes the new ground for the company often related to two-stroke dirt bikes and chainsaws. The vehicle comes as the first electric scooter that the company has unveiled under its brand name. The scooter is designed to cater the urban consumers and the company believes that it would be a convenient answer to traffic woes in the city and rising fuel prices.

The company detailed its expansion plans in the scooter segment and will rope in new dealers in the countries of Germany, Spain, France and Italy.Husqvarna, however, did not disclose the date of the launch of its electric scooter, Vektorr but there are speculations by industry observers that it may be rolled out in 2022 in selected markets.

The Vektorr features a unique circular headlight with both sides sporting a fairing and a two-tone paint scheme with yellow colour strokes. Sporting an elegant design, it does have the potential to carve a distinctive niche in the electric scooter category.

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While complete technical specifications haven’t been published yet, it is being touted that the production-ready version of the Vektorr has a maximum travel capacity of about 60 miles and can clock a top speed of around 30 mph, as mentioned by

In this regard, a Peugeot Kisbee that generates power by a 50-cc single-cylinder engine can clock a top speed of 30 miles per hour. The vehicle however can log 236 miles with its 1.6-gallon fuel tank when full according to the company.

Earlier, it has been stated that Husqvarna and KTM will be using the platform of electric Chetak scooter by Bajaj, according to

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