Brave Thai Rider Screams after Spotting Snake on Bike’s Handle, Continues Driving Anyway: Watch Leave a comment

Snake-rider | Image credit: YouTube

Snake-rider | Image credit: YouTube

The incident occurred in Uthai Thani province in northern Thailand and the video of the snake on the bike has left the Internet terrified.

A biker in Thailand got an unexpected and unwanted rider when the commuter noticed that a green-coloured snake had occupied the right handle of what appeared to look like an electric bike. In the video that has now gone viral, the biker could be seen driving the two-wheeler from one hand while using the other to record his ordeal on a mobile camera.

In the video that has been shot during the night, the biker later managed to stop his vehicle after initially screaming for help.The incident was reported from Uthai Thani province in northern Thailand.After the biker managed to stop his electric vehicle on the roadside, the snake was still entangled in the handle and didn’t get off the bike till the end of the video.

Thailand is not new to such experiences as the country is home to over 200 snake species with more than three dozen of them believed to be poisonous. Several news reports have mentioned incidents of Thai wildlife authorities rescuing snakes from people’s bathrooms and swimming pools.

Several people who come to visit Thailand on holidays have shared their experiences with snakes, one of the many features of the country’s tourism. Thailand’s capital Bangkok itself is a fertile land for snakes as the city is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. The airport in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi airport, is standing on land known as ‘Cobra Swamp’.

Experts revealed that snake encounters by humans are a result of deforestation as people continue to encroach on their natural habitats, leading to the present situation. Deforestation has not just resulted in snake encounters but all sorts of wildlife face-offs with humans. Even in India, wildlife species such as elephants, lions, snakes, and other dangerous animals have often lurked in residential spaces, leading to people running for their lives.

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