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Last week Husqvarna gave us the first preview of what could be their first electric motorcycle, for now known as E-Pilen, and now they have done the same with what it would be his second electric motorcycle: a scooter. It’s called Vektor Concept and by the segment to which it will belong, it will be approached as a purely urban motorcycle.

Husqvarna Vektor Concept

As with the E-Pilen advance, the brand also did not give any more preliminary information about the Husqvarna Vektor Concept beyond some key data that the companies give us. first tracks of its performance: a top speed of 45 km / h and a range of up to 95 km. At the moment nothing is known about the specifications of its batteries and electric motor.

The design, of course, is as attractive as the other street Husqvarna that we already know (the Vitpilen and Svartpilen of different displacements). Although it retains the typical figure of the ‘usual’ scooters, the Vektor Concept manages to attract attention with its round headlight, the combination of its lines and colors bright black and white.

Husqvarna Vektor Concept 04

Husqvarna Vektor Concept

Along with the E-Pilen, the Husqvarna Vektor Concept is part of the brand’s strategy to venture into electric urban mobility and it joins the portfolio of models that they will call E-Mobility which has been defined as “progressive, innovative, stylish and unique”.

As part of that portfolio they also showed the Blitz Concept, an electric skateboard for shorter urban rides. Like most scooters of this type, it is foldable to make it easy to get on public transport, for example.

Husqvarna Blitz Concept

Husqvarna Blitz Concept

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