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Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Concept
Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Concept

The patent images of Yamaha E01 were recently published via the Japanese patent office, however, they were filed back in late 2019

Yamaha first showcased the E01 Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan held in 2019. The electric scooter is slated to make its global debut next year and is intended to become a successor to the company’s 125cc scooters which run on fossil fuels. Now, patent images of the upcoming e-scooter from the Japanese bikemaker have leaked on the internet.

Earlier this year, Yamaha also registered a trademark for the name ‘E01’ indicating that the company is indeed looking to launch a production version of the same in the near future. The latest patent applications give us an idea of what the actual electric scooter might look like in its production guise.


The concept showcased back in 2019 revealed a basic outlook of the design while the recent patents show plenty of details that might feature in the final production-spec model. For starters, the model shown in the patents features bi-LED headlights which are mounted in recesses under the nose. The concept model though, came with smaller and deeper-set rectangular lights which may look too flimsy in real world.

At the centre of the front apron which looks like a single-piece headlight is actually an opening hatch for the e-scooter charging socket. Such a design is very prevalent in smaller electric cars.

Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Production Spec Patent Leaks
Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Production Spec Patent Leaks

This unit is surrounded by a two-part LED DRL which gives it a distinctive appearance and could also double up as turn indicators. At the rear, the section covered in fabric in the concept model has been replaced with a more conventional design comprising normal plastic panels and a removable seat.

The panels at the rear section cover the e-scooter’s storage compartment. With the main storage section accommodating the lithium-ion battery setup, there is hardly any space left for luggage. A slim LED strip at the rear section will be acting as a taillight.

Overall, E01 e-scooter features a typical maxi-style design with signature highlights such as front-heavy fairing, a tall windscreen, free-flowing design lines from front to rear and a dedicated footrest provision.

Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Production Spec Patent Leaks
Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Production Spec Patent Leaks

More Details

Other highlights deduced from the patents include a single-frame seat with the stepped-up pillion and a digital instrument cluster. the e-scooter doesn’t show a removable battery cover therefore it is unlikely to be offered with battery swapping functionality.

Since E01 is slated to replace 125cc conventional IC engine-powered scooters in future, its power output is expected to hover around 11kW (15 bhp). This is also the maximum permissible power output for two-wheelers that can be ridden by amateur riders.

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