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Kawasaki has filed for a new name – E-Boost which is likely to be used for one of its upcoming electric or hybrid bikes. The Japanese premium bike maker has patented several battery-powered as well as hybrid projects in the past. The new patent only suggests that Kawasaki’s electric bike may be closer to becoming a production model than originally thought. The E-Boost name could also be used for a whole new motorcycle line from Kawasaki.

One of Kawasaki’s patent filings also revealed a boost button on a bike, and a video presentation for battery-powered projects showed various modes and power settings likely reserved for different roads and terrain.

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On the other hand, Kawasaki’s under-development hybrid technology makes use of a very interesting idea that’s currently being used in cars. It includes a petrol-powered bike, which also features an electric motor to add more horses when needed. The “boost” button does exactly that and the newly patented E-Boost name seems to be fitting the description of this technology.

Expect the company to roll out its concrete production plans by the end of 2021.

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Meanwhile, the Japanese automaker has also been in the headlines regarding the development of various other electric bike projects. A fully electric version of Ninja 300 made headlines in 2020. It is rumored to be named “Endeavor”. More details here.

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