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Benelli Dong electric scooter: Range, features, etc. explained

Benelli Dong electric scooter: Range, features, etc. explained&nbsp

A few days ago, Benelli debuted a brand new electric scooter that it has decided to call Dong. The e scooter has been making waves for plenty of other reasons besides its name. Set to be sold mostly in Asia, word has it that the Italian two-wheeler manufacturer also intends to bring it to India. As a matter of fact, the company had said all the way back in 2019 that it was considering launching EVs here by 2020. Unfortunately, those plans had to be pushed back owing to the pandemic — otherwise, who knows, may be the Benelli Dong would have premiered in India and then made its way into other Asian markets. Anyway, let’s quite the day dreaming and move on to what we came here to do, i.e. discuss details about the new Benelli electric scooter. Here goes.

  • This e scooter features a rather standout design — it appears to be rather small, but still manages to intrigue the onlooker, thanks to its rear section, which appears to be almost floating. Another hard to miss details is the cylindrical panel under the seat panel that houses the motor and the battery and motor. Very funky.
  • Now, on to provisions — the scooter gets a full-LED headlamp, two large LED indicators, and a negative LCD display for the instrument cluter among other things.

Benelli Dong electric scooter pics

  • Benelli Dong is propelled by a 1.2kW motor and gets a 1.56kWh removable battery pack. 
  • The company claims the scooter is capable of achieving a top speed of 45 km/h. Benelli Dong’s riding range is rated at 60 km on a full charge.
  • Benelli has also equipped the scooter with an artificial exhaust sound feature. In India, the Revolt RV400 gets a similar provision. 

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