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Press Release: Fovno-Tech N-Power

The Fovno-Tech N-Power sucker roof rack features an electrically powered, automated air pump. A wireless alarm system ensures that the rack is securely fastened to your roof at all times. Compared to other suction cup roof rack systems, the Fovno-Tech has two distinct advantages: you don’t have to manually pump it up and you don’t have to worry about it disconnecting from your roof. With the N-Powerbox’s automated pump, securing the rack to your roof takes less than a minute. The Fovno-Tech N-Power gives you peace of mind and the low-profile design that suction cup racks offer.


The N-Powerbox is the brain of the Fovno-Tech rack. It has an automatic pump which detects the air pressure in each suction cup. When a suction cup’s air pressure falls below normal levels or sustains a leak, the N-Powerbox will get to work, automatically refilling the air pressure until a safe level is reached. Each suction cup has a measured carrying capacity of up to 90 Kg. There is also an air check valve inside each suction cup, which effectively prevents air infiltration. Even if the control box is temporarily unable to function, or the air hose disconnects, the suction cup will remain firmly attached for at least 3 to 4 hours.

The N-Powerbox is powered by a 3400mAH lithium battery and features a USB-C port, allowing for fast and convenient charging. Charging from the car’s own battery or a power bank are both supported. Connected to the rear suction cups by an air hose, installation is as easy as pressing the control box’s power button, which will instantly and securely vacuum seal all cups to the roof of the vehicle. The battery health check button, located to the left of the power button, displays the battery level through a series of six LED lights. This product can be used continuously for up to 360 hours on a single charge.

Leak Detection Alarm System

Fovno-Tech’s alarm system is what sets it apart from anything else on the market. The N-Power rack is equipped with a wireless safety alarm that will immediately alert you if any of the suction cups lose air pressure. The alarm module (pictured above) is fitted with a standard USB and can be placed inside your vehicle, where it will wirelessly pair with the N-Powerbox. In the event of a leak or other problems, the alarm will sound and the N-Powerbox will reseal the cups using its built-in automated pump. The alarm system allows users to monitor the current operating status of the rack; you no longer have to worry about whether your bike is safe.


The Fovno-Tech N-Power’s main frame and fork mounts are manufactured from 6063 CNC machined aluminum. The external surface is anodized and undergoes a laser coating process. The suction cups and air hoses are made of a polymer-specific rubber material. They have been rigorously tested at temperature extremes of both 100 degrees Celsius and -100 degrees Celius. They also have strong sun protection and anti-oxidation properties.

The control box has a water and dust proof IP65 rating. It is made to sustain whatever weather conditions you are driving through.

The Fovno-Tech N-Power will be released on May, 5th at the Shanghai International Bike Show. It will be available for purchase worldwide for $398.

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