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Ola Electric is looking at taking its electric scooter to overall markets, including countries like France, Italy and Germany, this fiscal, a top company executive said.

Ola Eyes Global Markets For Its E-Scooter

The company, which is managing setting up a ‘Hypercharger Network’ for its electric vehicle, is booked to dispatch its electric scooter in India in July this year. ‘We will dispatch internationally…this money related year itself, we will sell all around in addition. We start with India first anyway soon, we move into worldwide markets with an accentuation on Europe,’ Ola Chairman and Group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal told PTI. The company has not yet uncovered nuances like pricing of the e-scooter. A year prior, Ola had revealed a Rs 2,400-crore adventure for setting up its first electric scooter factory in Tamil Nadu. After completing, the factory will make just about 10,000 jobs and will be the world’s greatest scooter manufacturing office that will from the outset have a yearly capacity of 2 million units.


The dispatch of the electric scooter is as per Ola’s overall vision of moving conveyability into a more sustainable, accessible and connected future. ‘We will sell our scooters across all basic markets in Europe. Key markets are the huge countries especially those lying around the Mediterranean Sea, like France, Italy, even Germany is a fair market. UK is satisfactory market, Spain is a fantastic market,’ Aggarwal said. He added that India will be the essential objective given that Ola is an Indian company, anyway the company will similarly focus in a ton on tolls and overall markets. Aggarwal furthermore demonstrated that the company would look at introducing electric vehicles excessively later on. ‘This network, the Hypercharger Network is revolved around bicycles. At the selected time, we will stretch out this network to four-wheelers moreover, when our four wheeler products turn out a few years,’ he said.

Gotten some data about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aggarwal said there hasn’t been any huge interference as of now. As the accompanying relatively few weeks create, things may change anyway as of now we are not anticipating any critical aggravation in our do of the charging network or the factory,’ he said. In May a year prior, Ola Electric had announced the acquiring of Amsterdam-based Etergo BV for an undisclosed total. Around at that point, the firm had said the getting of Etergo would also uphold its engineering and design limits in the electric flexibility space. A month prior, Ola Electric had pronounced setting up a ‘Hypercharger Network’ in the country that would join one lakh charging points across 400 metropolitan networks. While Aggarwal declined to comment on the revenue suppositions from the EV business, he said the company is certain that the product will be delighted in by consumers.

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