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E-trailer compensates for the weight of itself and its cargo and can easily be switched between bikes

“I call Ein ‘weightless’ because that’s what it feels like when you’re towing it,” says designer Jens Martin Skibsted about Biomega’s responsive single-wheel electric trailer. Ein is being launched via Indiegogo, where it hit its funding goal in a matter of hours.

Billed as “the world’s first intelligent e-powered cycle trailer,” Ein detects motion and responds with its own proportional power to create a supposedly ‘weightless’ cruising experience. The power comes from a 250W motor situated in the hub of its solitary wheel.

A key part of Ein’s appeal is its adaptability. The trailer comes with a universal latching system that can be attached beneath pretty much any bike’s saddle.

The promo video makes it look like a doddle to switch it between bikes.

Standard toddler seats can also be fitted.

Ein child seats.jpg

Ein child seats.jpg, by Biomega

According to Skibsted: “There are tons of people out there – young people, new families and even elderly city dwellers – who make a conscious effort to cycle with groceries, kids and such, without polluting or creating congestion. And they want to look cool.

“I wanted to create a new form of smart cargo transport, so families can split the load between them. For example, delivering and picking up kids, in turn, on the same day, without having to swap bikes or having two cargo bikes.”

Ein is priced at €1,195, discounted to €745 for the Indiegogo campaign.

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