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The GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter is the scooter you’ve been dreaming about. A seriously cool find. The GMAX has a great ride, it’s a heavy-duty piece of equipment, and the price is just about right. 

The speed goes up to about 20 mph — even uphill — which I was concerned about. Sometimes scooters or bikes poop out going uphill. But, not this little beauty. The GMAX zooms uphill like nothing else, even with my “a little hefty” friends and those whom, “COVID did it” weight still lingering. Oh, these friends loved taking a ride on my GMAX scooter.

The Scooter You’ve Been Dreaming About

GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter

The Scooter You’ve Been Dreaming About, GMAX

I was worried because everyone in the whole neighborhood wants to take a ride on this great scooter. The scooter takes the hefty’s just fine and isn’t too fast for everyone else. The scooter itself is for an adult — not a child — though I have given a few kids a short dig on it with the kid standing in front of me on the base (there is room). 

I also have the last model of the GMAX scooter and love it — but the newest model runs more smoothly. The tires are wider, which I like from an aesthetic point of view, as well as providing a smoother riding. This GMAX goes quite a bit faster (20 mph) with the 350 Watt Motor than my other GMAX that’s a couple of years old. This GMAX Ultra has high torque — but doesn’t suck the power (you can pretty much ride all day).

We have been taking turns riding the GMAX to the office — I really didn’t want to share my scooter too much, but I really understand the draw.

I also wanted to get other opinions on this scooter for this review. We have “hardcore” athletic peeps in the office that have every type of sports equipment available. I know I love this scooter — but I loved receiving the confirmation from the team as well. 

I named my scooter “Maxie-Boy” — but I name all of my equipment because I feel personal about it! Maxie-Boy is my scooter, and I finally wrote my name on it in a Sharpie pen so no one would forget it is mine! Someone asked me why I didn’t name it “Maxie-Man” because it easily holds a large person rider, and does “manly” work. LOL — yes — why indeed?

Why the Update in the GMAX Electric Scooter?

The GMAX company worked on customer feedback for over a year and then went to work with these upgrades. Yes, the upgrades are noticeable — and we appreciate the work of the GMAX company to bring about a superior product. I really like the new display and the bright headlight. 

These are the Specs 

Some people really want to know the specs. You can find these on the site, but they are listed below —  I just looked for a smooth ride and quality — GMAX has both. 

New digital display, digital lock, improved headlight, and reduced motor noise. 36V 17.5aH LG battery 350 Watt Avg Motor 45 Miles per charge 20 Mph 10″ Air-filled tires Size – 42.3″ x 17.9″ x 47.4″ Weight – 36LBS Max Rider Weight – 220LBS Waterproof Rating – IP54

The GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter

Where to Buy

This scooter has the new G-Series design. I think the best place to purchase the scooter is to watch the GMAX website for a sale (sales do happen, and this is what I did). 

I like to watch these scooters too.

What I Like 

The GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter is fairly budget-friendly if you’ve looked around or purchased electric scooters before — you’ll see this price point. You can use your scooter for a long-range ride, and it is built tough enough that you can ride it to work every day. 

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